About Fritz

When I discovered Fritz, he was down in the dumps after the death of his girlfriend Darlene. She was the love of his life. Being hard-of-hearing made it tough for him to make new friends. His relationship with his brother Vince was volatile. I'd found a sensitive, fragile subject whom would either crumble from life's stresses or rebuild himself stronger.

There are dozens of tales of artists going from rags-to-riches. Fritz, despite never being recognized, toiled away year after year. He had given up on art as a young man because his pre-conceived notions of "making it" were never fulfilled. It wouldn't be until he turned 70 that he would truly discover what making it really means.

Of all the things I learned over the past two years, this is by far the most valuable; It's never really about being recognized, making money or "making it," as they say. It's about creating, growing and never giving up. It's a battle of attrition as an artist and as a person. It's about maintaining that excitement and wonder that we all have in the beginning.

Thank you for spending time with FRITZ and with us. Sharing it with friends. Or purchasing a work if you are inclined. This entire thing is one big art project and we'll take it as far as we can.

-Ben Gonyo

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