Art Explained

Fritz would like people to understand a little about his art. Below are a few select pieces with notes provided by the artist.

Jose Mugrabi is a world famous art collector. He has the world's largest collection of Warhol paintings and many other blue chip artists such as Picasso, Renoir, Damier, Koons and Hirst. The public notices if he collects an artist. I find it a bit backwards that the collector is the focus, hence the backwards reiteration.

Metal, energy, natural resources. These things represent man's tie to the Earth. I often place them in headlines.

Old Man Asks to Start Over. This headline is about regret. Some of us will get to the end of our lives and look back with regret. Across the column we see, Go For It Kid, which expresses the opposite point of view. When we are young, we are full of energy. We try things, often with out thought. One headline represents our youth, chasing dreams while the other represents old age and wanting a second chance.

I make Tiny Times and Baby Seed paintings. I had a dream once where no one cared about my large work but people loved the miniature work. They are meant to be the offspring of the larger works. I've never seen an artist depict his art work having offspring, so I created it.

A Wimper Not A Bang is a line from a famous poem I love. It's about the end of the world. Geffen Eats A Sandwich is a comment on celebrity culture and more specifically celebrity art culture.

If you want a revolution you must be ready to eat rats. That is a quote I heard once. I liked it. 

I'm a big fan of abstraction and this is a nod to it. What are we really talking about in the news any way?

My seed paintings represent birth and the life cycle. Everything begins with a seed. From a human to an idea. I tend to use bright colors on these. This is a happy time. It is the beginning of things. Think about when you have a great idea or something new arrives. You are excited and joyous. That is what I want to express here. It is not just sperm and egg. That is a simplistic, lazy interpretation. This is life. It is universal. We all started this way.

A few offspring. The Tiny Times and Baby Seed.