Dealers + Galleries

Dealers, Galleries, Art Advisors & Collectors,

Collectors worldwide are discovering Fritz thanks to the power of our film and the Internet. We are selling a limited number of prints from our online shop, we also partner with professionals in the art industry. The rapport you have with your clients is not something we can replicate on a website.

Discovering a new artist to collect is a thrill for any serious collector. Your clients will come to know Fritz through his film and you can help put a one of a kind piece on their wall. We have a growing number of opportunities to offer dealers, galleries, advisors and serious collectors including: 

  • Free, private online viewing of the film. DVD’s also available.  
  • Single edition, one of a kind art work not available to the public.
  • Custom work.
  • See special editions & new series before the public.
  • Include work in your gallery flat file at little or no cost allowing you to introduce Fritz’s work in person.
  • Wide variety of marketing support materials available including high-resolution photography, video, personalized messages, private online catalogs and more.
  •  Work available “on loan” for group shows. Include Fritz in a show if he fits your theme.        


Drop us an email at:  theartistfritz [@]  or use our contact page.